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Dentalog is a software which enables efficient management of daily tasks in dental clinics. With this software dental clinics will be able to manage the following informations: clinic informations, staff, appointments, treatments, payments, patients data, etc. This software works on networked computers and multi-users and offers an easy use of all features. Dentalog is developed with latest technologies, which contributes to performance and sustainability. The key modules include:

Treatments Payments Appointments Patients Sterilization protocol Depot Lab Reports and Analysis Administration Doctors/Staff Expensis Services Configurations Backup/Restore Help

Treatments This module enables registering of new treatments, patient data, current state of teeth, payments, etc.

Some of the features:

  • Add/Update/Delete for treatments
  • Documents attachments inclusind photo, video, radiography, etc.
  • Prescriptions
  • Teeth examination
  • Registering general purpose treatment
  • Grouped treatments
  • Treatments history
  • Look-up with payments and invoices

Payments This module is a a simple but powerful module which enables:

  • Payment for treatments
  • Debt management
  • Advance payments
  • Invoices and Invoice Management
  • Partial payments
  • Reports for payments and invoices
  • Late payments and debts
  • Printing
  • Discount
  • Receipts

Appointments Dentalog offers a very flexibile appointments management. By offering different views by day, week or month it enables efficient management of your time and your doctors.

Main features include:

  • Calendar with current appointments and free time spans.
  • Colored appointments based on doctor
  • Easy to data entry
  • Drag n’ Drop appointments and moving
  • Configurable of timings
  • Printing

Patients This module enables storing of different information about patients such as : basic information, demographic data, medical data, current conditions of teeth, etc.

  • Add/Update/Delete of patients
  • Basic information
  • Medical history
  • Current state of teeths
  • Diseases and allergies
  • Attached documents
  • Doctor notes
  • Patient card and treatment history

Sterilization protocol Enables registering of sterilization process of instruments. Main features include:

  • Storing the process
  • Look-up with depot
  • Packing of instruments
  • Attaching reports
  • Configurable activities
  • Registering of instruments
  • Barcode generation for packages

Reports This module offers different reports and statistics regarding appointments examinations, payments, etc. on different periods of time. All reports can be exported on different formats (MS Word, Excel, HTML or PDF) and normally printed.


Administration With this module you can configure application settings as per your needs and also management of users

Mjekët/Infermierët Since DentaLog is client-server application it supports working with different users on same time and manage their privileges separately.

  • Registering of doctors and nurses
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Personalized privileges
  • Activisation/Deactivisation of users

Expenses In this module clinics can register all expenses which affects balance sheet. Definition of base price list, services etc. 

Application settings

  • Clinic data
  • Teeth schemas
  • Settings regarding printing, fiscal printers
  • Default schema
  • Appointment calendar properties
  • TAX management
  • Working hours