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MedicalLog is a software that helps medical clinics to manage their data. Some features of MedicalLog includes: Appointments Treatments Fincance Reports and Statistics Administration Currently this software is in ongoing tests on different clinics here in Kosovo and the very first version is available. For additional information do not hesitate to contact us.


Dentalog is a software which enables efficient management of daily tasks in dental clinics. With this software dental clinics will be able to manage the following informations: clinic informations, staff, appointments, treatments, payments, patients data, etc. This software works on networked computers and multi-users and offers an easy use of all features. Dentalog is developed […]

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(Shqip) Ky sistem është krijuar që të mundësoj publikimin e informatave përmes ekraneve për ti mundësuar klientëve të jetë i njoftuar për të rejat e fundit të kompanisë.


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